Pumpkin for my pumpkin

It seems like many moons ago that I would make a large pot of steel cut oatmeal on Sunday night or Monday morning and enjoy it with a variety of fix ins every week. It’s a cheap and easy breakfast that requires little effort and is filling, hearty, and customizable to your own tastes. I followed this recipe, but left it plain and added whatever was available when I heated it up in the morning. A couple weeks ago I stumbled across this recipe for baked pumpkin steel cut oatmeal from The Kitchn. It takes a little more (but not much effort) than the NY Times basic version, but I love pumpkin….looooooooooooooove pumpkin, so I taking the extra steps of toasting the oats and “frying” the puree were totally worth it. Besides, it gave me a chance to finally make something in my cast iron pumpkin pot.


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