Adventure is out there!

It’s been a few months and after finally settling into being a new mom, in a new house, in a new state, with the holidays over a big year ahead, I decided it was time to start exploring the surrounding area. There was lofty talk of taking a day trip out to Cascades National Park, but there was need to stay a little closer to home today. So we talked about a trip to purchase exotic cheeses and other food staples, but even that excursion was too far out, so finally we decided a scenic drive around the island would be best for our purposes.

So early in the morning we packed up ourselves and the Bear, put the coffee in travel mugs, and we were off, or so we thought. It seems that our muffler wanted to stay behind, so we turned back not 3 miles away from our house for a repair. 2 hours later, still feeling intrepid (or at least a bit bored of staying in), we packed up the Bear, bought fancy coffee drinks, and set out again. Though it was cold and rainy (even a bit snowy), we enjoyed our little jaunt, and look forward to sunnier days with cooperative cars and copious farmers’ markets.


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