I think I’ve Created a Monster…

Ok, not really. It all started when I gave someone the idea to give my husband a winemaking kit for Christmas. It was something we’d been talking about as a natural extension of our beer brewing, so it seemed the appropriate gift. Of course being intellectual types, upon receipt of this gift it became obvious that we needed some sort of instructional book to guide us in our new endeavor, so I sleuthed  around Amazon and discovered this, and since the price was good (and we had a gift card), I also found this. Well, I don’t think it took my husband 10 minutes to fall in love with Strong Waters, and with good reason. There are recipes for exotic sounding spirited beverages that we had never heard of. Any they are easy and inexpensive to produce, especially after a good friend gifted us some one gallon fermenters. So here on the left you have two versions of Zythos which sounds like an epic, mythological Greek monster. My husband was so inspired by his creation that he has started his own blog where he will share with you in detail his thoughts, processes, and musings on home brewing, spirit making, and  speculations on my reactions to it all. I am glad that I could inspire him to such heights.


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