Birthday Cake

For the past several years, I have made my own birthday cake. This seems strange to many people, as if it is wrong for someone to make their own cake. I say, why should I be subjected to a grocery store sponge cake with sugary frosting, when for about 10 minutes of work I can enjoy a decadent double chocolate sour cream cake? (Especially nice because we have been on a diet) Of course, I think most people underestimate the actual joy of baking something and then enjoying the fruits of your label…or think it’s too complicated…or would rather just spend the ten minutes of prep time shotgunning beers, but for me, I enjoy drinking a beer while firing up the KitchenAid, or better yet, putting some beer into your cake, as has been done in years past. But that’s just me. If I had to make one alteration to the recipe it would be to use a cup of Guinness with instant espresso powder mixed in, instead of the cup of strong coffee called for by the recipe. I will report back once this iteration is tested.

I turned 29 a couple weeks ago. I have a list of things to accomplish this year that go beyond enjoying a chocolatey cake with a fancy coffee drink. Some of them are boring career-oriented things that I won’t bother boring you with. Others, like bread baking, canning, knitting socks, and visited several national parks, will be popping up pretty frequently around here. So I hope you enjoy them, and consider making yourself a delicious chocolate cake soon…even if it’s not your birthday.


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