Meyer Lemon Curd

Over the years I’ve heard a lot about Meyer lemons. About how sweet and delicious and lemony they are and how they had such wonderful culinary applications in everything from  pound cakes to risottos to preserves. So for years now I have been itching to try one, but I never even saw them until I moved to the west coast, where I hear people can just go outside and pick them off of trees in their front yards. Who knew?

Well, a couple weeks ago I spotted them at one of the grocery stores and bought a bag. Then I was checking out Food in Jars, (since canning is one of my goals this year) and came across this recipe for Meyer lemon curd, which I cannot wait to try on some scones, or maybe even some buttermilk doughnuts….maybe as soon as this weekend?

This recipe was pretty simple, and it doesn’t require canning, but it was a good one for me to try the process. The lemons are delicious, I still have more downstairs which are earmarked for some marmalade, and then maybe I’ll go seek out just a few more for this or this.

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