Shorter Nights

The nights here can be long. I mean really long, not quite Alaska, but long enough. And the sun, well, we’ve talked about that. It hides quite often. But now that spring is upon us, the nights are much shorter, and there’s plenty more time in the day for the sun to peek out and reveal not only the Cascade Range, but also the Olympics out on the peninsula. One such night appeared not long ago, and armed with a new camera and a curious Bear, we enjoyed a nice evening walk to catch the sunset and the mountains before they went back into hiding.

Oak Harbor and the Olympic Range

Crescent Harbor and the Cascade Range


Sunny Day

Living up in the PNW, you learn pretty quickly to appreciate and take advantage of every sunny day you get. Last Saturday was one such day. The sun was out, the breeze was light, and so we put a hat on the Bear and headed out to Deception Pass Park. Having driven over the Pass at least 100 times by now, this was the first time I actually stopped and walked around. Of course, being a sunny day it was crowded at every corner, but we managed to enjoy some quiet time on the beaches, and in the shade of the trees.

Towards the Pacific

Underneath the Bridge

Pebbly beach

A stroll down the pier

All tuckered out

Sunday Morning

Do you have this book? If not, you should go buy it right now. I even gave you a link so you don’t even have to spend hours searching for it, and it’s under $20…even less for the Kindle. Anyway, yesterday morning was everything a Sunday morning should be. There was music, coffee, and doughnuts! Not just any doughnuts, but homemade buttermilk doughnuts recipe courtesy of Baked Explorations. 

I’ve never made doughnuts before. In fact, I was actually surprised as they fried in the oil that they looked like doughnuts…and then they tasted like doughnuts. I really don’t know what was so intimidating about them before. We even had all of the ingredients on hand. They were so easy to make…maybe too easy which is why the leftovers had to be taken off to work with DB this morning, so as to prevent me from looking like the former Mrs. Draper from last night’s episode of Mad Men.


This is a great recipe. It’s easy, you probably have everything on hand. If you don’t have buttermilk you can either make it or buy it and freeze what you don’t use. It’s also so basic that you could adapt it to your tastes. The doughnuts were great with the Meyer Lemon curd, but I think they’d be even better with the addition of some lemon zest to the batter. Or, as DB suggested, adding apples and a bit more cinnamon for an apple fritter type confection. I don’t think you can really go wrong.

Unfortunately, not all of us are yet able to enjoy doughnuts, but the Bear is getting pretty adept at this whole oatmeal thing.

Of course after all that eating, it was time for a Sunday afternoon nap.