Quick and Dirty

481513_10151356899838210_1484256468_nI imagine that I’m probably not the only one who received their holiday issue of Martha Stewart Living in the mail and immediately sat down and examined each page, carefully noting which type of crafty holiday project and recipe would adorn their house this Christmas. I liked all the projects using felt, but I was particularly interested in the upcycled mason jars turned snow globes. It seems these little snowy dioramas are all the rage this year as several other tutorials began popping up in my Pinterest feed as well.I decided to keep my own snow globe project very simple (read: inexpensive), and relatively unadorned. Below is a quick and dirty tutorial should you also find yourself short on time and wanting some snowy cheer in your home.


Glass jars, bottle brush trees, white sand, tacky glue, spray paint

Using glass jars I’d been keeping around for such an occasion I went out and picked up two packages of bottle brush trees, some white sand (from the floral section of the craft store), and tacky glue. I stripped the labels off the bottles using olive oil and had DB spray paint the lids. Once everything was clean and I dry I put a generous helping of glue on the base of each tree and placed them in the jars using some chopsticks. I let these dry overnight then added some sand to each one and topped them off with the red lids. I’ve made 8 so far, with enough trees and sand for several more. They’re fun to stick all over the house, such as on top of our modest collection of vintage books.

PS. The above photo was taken with my iPhone and edited using the Afterglow app, which is a great app that I highly recommend you download.