First Knit of 2013

IMG_2527When I think about all of my projects and goals for this year, they all evolve around one idea: simplify. Like all DIY/crafty types I have a clutter problem. I see a beautiful yarn or fabric or pattern and I MUST HAVE IT IMMEDIATELY only to find that months or even years later I’m still hauling around the materials, their original purpose long forgotten. The wild thing is, my stash is modest compared to many, yet getting through all of it is still a big challenge.

Over the last several months I’ve knit many a scarf and hat to keep IMG_2529friends and family warm during these chilly months. While I like the small dent it has made in the stash, I was pretty excited to find this pattern during a few minutes I stole for myself on New Year’s Eve (it was on sale!). It gave me a chance to use up a skein of Berroco Peruvia Quick (colorway long forgotten) and most of the leftovers from a never ending skein of Cascade Eco Wool  (I think it’s coffee). While the yarns differ slightly in weight, I liked the way that the red stripe was a little thicker and more pronounced than the brown. I alternated colors every two rows, casting on and off with the brown. I am sucker for feather and fan patterns, and really like how the soft curves of the scarf stand in contrast to the bold buffalo plaid of my favorite coat. Here’s to more great stash busting in 2013. P1010498


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