30 before 31

8424528793_1dcde5e4f6_cYesterday was my 30th birthday. It passed with very little fanfare. There was a cake (though not made by me this time, and with mixed results as such), and the watching of Dr. Who episodes including the 4th and 11th Doctors. There was also the discovery that the Bear enjoy New England Clam Chowder. Oh, and there was knitting. But you know, none of that is really interesting, and maybe that is part of my problem. None of it is terribly interesting right now. I’m in a rut, guys, a great big fat rut that I’ve been trying to climb out of for the past year or so. Essentially, I found myself thrust into new roles in both my personal and professional life all at once and while I’ve muddled through it all, and even had some great triumphs, I think it all happened to fast and now, as I’ve been thinking about this birthday for the last few weeks, I realize that my head is only beginning to stop spinning and sort it all out. To be sure, I’ve come quite a ways, but there is so much further to go. I’d like this blog to be part of that, it’s part of my write more goal.

Last year I wrote out 29 before 30 goals, but I didn’t publish them. Many of those goals hinged on one goal that I didn’t write down, which was lose the baby weight and get back in shape. I don’t know that I would’ve come to it any faster had I written it down, but maybe I would have held myself more accountable during the more difficult times. This year instead of the scale number, I am focusing on the inches around my waist, on becoming better, faster, stronger instead of just smaller. With that in mind, I am publishing this year’s list and hope to share each thing as I accomplish it. To hold myself accountable, but also to take one thing at a time. Many of these are project oriented. Small things, but things I have all the same put off learning or doing. Perhaps I overwhelm myself, taking on everything and then getting frustrated when it doesn’t all magically get done perfectly and in record time. Also, after reading this blog post (this one has also been…inspiring), I realize that it’s ok if I don’t get to all the goals, which became frustrating last year when the lack of checkmarks on the list haunted me more than motivated me.

Whether I am willing or not, this year is going to take me to new places and adventures. As the Doctor would say, “ALLONS-Y”


5 thoughts on “30 before 31

  1. Getting older and closer to 30 is a bit surreal. This is the year I keep on forgetting my age and revert to saying “25 – wait 26. Wait that’s totally off”. Haha. I hope this year is good to you! I have a hard time with all the change that comes with this age too.

  2. Hi Stephanie,

    If you could add one more thing to your list I think it should be to give yourself a daily pat on the back! I think as moms we often expect so much of ourselves and continually overestimate how much we can get done with a baby to care for. At least I know I did, especially as a young mother.

    My mom gave me these little words which helped me at times when I felt overwhelmed or disappointed because I didn’t do everything I hoped for.
    She said that she always felt it was a good day if she accomplished at least one thing that was not part of her usual homemaking/child rearing routine.
    It could be making a cake, exploring a new store, or as simple as cleaning out a drawer, or starting a new book. Words of wisdom from JoeAnn!

    I must say you have had an extraordinary amount of life changes in a short time! I am amazed at how much you have done just from what I have seen on facebook and this blog. I think you deserve a pat, a hug and a round of applause!

    Enjoy your year and thanks for your inspiring ideas and for clueing me in that “All the Pretty Horses” is part of a trilogy. I didn’t know that and now can put the next two books on my list!

    Aunt Nancy

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