Friday Favorites

IMG_3577It’s been a totally cursed week. It started when the Bear fell into the corner of the TV stand and needed his first visit to the ER (he’s fine now), and just snow balled from there until it seemed that every small thing was turning into a huge disaster. Thankfully, today the sun is out, the Bear is well, I took a nice long afternoon nap, and we have ribs and cake to look forward to in a few hours. It makes everything else seem less terrible.

It’s so true. 27 IS weird. I spent my 27th birthday at boot camp.

I love this idea. It would look great in a nursery.

I really love checking out the guts of vintage dresses. It’s way more attractive than it sounds.

Speaking of the insides of dresses, this is a really helpful post about linings.

I made this last weekend and it was AWESOME.

I am terrible at keeping up with music.

Finally, I wish I had thought of this. I see a whole Etsy business.

Have a great weekend.

XO, S.


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