Some candid thoughts about Father’s Day

DSC_0199I feel like my facebook feed is just plastered with shining praise for so many “greatest, bestest, most awesomest dad EVAAAAAAAR” post today. Honestly, I can’t relate.  My pop is a good dude, for reals, he’s very kind and concerned and even though he lives far from everyone he still makes an effort to visit his kids and spoil his grandkids (though he will not change a diaper). He’s also devoted his life to entertaining senior citizens and bringing to light the importance of eldercare and issues around aging that most people ignore. But it’s taken a long time, like years and years, for us to have a good relationship. In fact, there were many times where we really didn’t have a relationship at all. We don’t need to get into the knitty gritty as to why this was, but the fact is parents are human and they do totally human and selfish things that their kids don’t always support or understand or want to be a part of. Over the years, I experienced a lot of these roadblocks with my dad and vice versa. I always knew that he meant well, but his delivery totally sucked. I would literally stop and think “Who does this guy think he is?!” I think this was a mutual feeling from time to time. Emotions are hard, relationships are hard, especially with the people we’re supposed to be closest to because there is just as much room for error and hurt as there is for happiness and love. Both people need to work on things before progress can be made

We’re doing much better today. I think having the Bear has helped to bring us back together. We talk more often, and when I went through some difficult times last Christmas, Pop was not only there for me on the phone, but he even came out and visited which really helped. So today, on father’s day I’m not going to claim to have the best ever anything. You’ve been a real jerk sometimes, Pop, but you’re my dad and I love you and I’m grateful that after all this time we are still able to overcome our differences and have the strong positive relationship that we enjoy today.

XO, S.


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