Mt. Rainier

P1020218The weekend after we tackled Olympic National Park, we decided to keep the momentum going and head down to Mt. Rainier National Park. On really clear days there’s one part of our community where we can look straight down Puget Sound and see Mt. Rainier, it’s rare and sometimes you might think it’s just a weird cloud, but its shape and size are unmistakable. The really wild part? It’s about 200 miles away. They say if you can see the mountain you should go to it. Most of the time it’s hiding under the clouds.

We started off early on the first day, and visited the Grove of the Patriarchs, home to trees that are 1,000 years old. SInce the weather was favorable we continued along through the snow-covered mountainside in our car and managed to get great views of Rainier from up close before stopping at the Paradise visitor center to watch the hikers head off for the summit.

P1020207 P1020195-2 P1020226 P1020213-2 P1020204 P1020193 P1020180


We kept our second day short visiting Longmire and hiking one of the trails there. The Bear was not in a favorable mood so we enjoyed the trail for a bit before turning back and making the long journey home. We’re glad that we were finally able to experience and mountain up close and hope we can come back this way someday to explore more. To view all our photos click here.

P1020237 P1020251


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