Moving on


When we left the old house we didn’t linger in the doorway or take one last look through the empty rooms (we spent most of that time scrubbing every last ounce of dirt out of them), but I still felt a bit sad as we loaded in the car and drove away. It’s not that it was a particularly great house. It was creaky, and the kitchen was laid out weird, and you could hear every move the neighbors made. But it was our house, our first house. It was the house that we brought the Bear home to, and the house where we learned how to be parents and how to be married. We played there, and made great food, welcomed our families, said goodbye and then hello again and again, and even created new life. For all those things, I will miss the old house.

Naturally, the day we left was beautiful with clear views of Mt. Baker, the Cascades, the Olympics, and Mt. Rainier. We miss being so close to so many beautiful things, and hope we’re lucky enough to get to live in a beautiful place again someday.IMG_3706


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