Back to School

While the Bear isn’t quite old enough for school (ok he’s not even 2, he has a few years to go), I still get a little giddy when school supplies start showing up in the stores. Fresh notebooks and boxes of crayons is as exciting to me as hoodie weather and the return of pumpkin everything. Going back to school after a long summer at camp was always exciting. Everything was new again, new clothes, new notebooks, seeing how everyone changed over the last few months. And naturally, the anxiety of what to wear that first day and if your crush would be in your class and if your teacher would be cool. Oh simpler times.

I stopped by Target the other day to pick up some milk, and while I managed to get out of there without spending $100, I did come across these adorable journals from Rifle Paper Co. I’ve been a huge fan of Rifle Paper Co. for a few years now. Anna makes the loveliest paper goods and has been expanding her brand beyond cards and stationary to include gift wrap, calendars, and even iPhone cases, so it was really exciting to see her signature flowers on a Target shelf. I think it’s great to see a small creative business able to reach a wider audience. The trade off? The journals are distributed by Chronicle Books and produced as China, while the majority of products offered directly from the Rifle Paper Co. website are US made. Still, with all the adorable back to school goods calling to me, I was happy to add these to my basket so I can take my super important (you know, grocery lists) adult notes in them.

PS. Chronicle offers a range of Rifle products that are available on Amazon, and a few at your local Target.

P1020655 P1020656 P1020659


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