Friday Favorites

P1020636Wow. So, I totally went on vacation for a couple weeks without actually going on vacation. I was at my mom’s. Which is like vacation, you get the eat cookies and sleep in and change less diapers. I even took myself on a date to the movies! It was awesome. But now I’m home. This is the last official weekend of summer. DB has been off having adventures in Korea, but is en route back to us now. I’m looking forward to starting the fall season as a family. And you know, blogging more, mostly about pumpkins.

I think abandoned places are awesome, and this place is like a holy grail.

I have oft complained to DB that office chairs have no style. This is will help remedy that.

A friend posted this gem on Pinterest the other day and it brightened my spirits. What a great insult.

I’m planning on making a ton of freezer meals for when the new baby comes. The Kitchn has posted some great ideas here and here.

Totally in love with the color scheme of this kitchen.

Arielle Alasko’s studio is just awesome.

And finally, how great is this blouse. Look closely, friends, she has the TARDIS.

May your weekend be full of family, fun, burgers, dogs, fireworks, and no emergency room visits.

xo, S.


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