Magazine File Makeover

I don’t know about you guys, but I still really love reading magazines. I haven’t even gotten through all my September issues yet even though the October ones will be out in a couple weeks. And when I say magazines I’m talking print because I don’t have a tablet or the patience to sit in front of this screen and flip through virtual pages. I like to hang out on my couch on a Sunday morning with a coffee and something sweet and while my way through the pages until the Bear demands we read Put Me in the Zoo for the 900th time.


What I don’t like is the clutter that comes with having magazines piling up month after month. I usually go through and clip the recipes, diys, and other miscellany that I want to keep and wrangle those in plastic sheet protectors and binders (which is another post for another day because those are SUPER disorganized right now). The others I send off to friends. The leftovers get a hot date to the recycle bin. Still, even with my meticulous weeding there are some titles that I keep in tact and when we moved I wanted to liberate them from the bottoms of drawers and baskets and give them all a proper home. I started off at Target and bought 3 magazine files only to come home and find we still needed more. The next day we stopped by Goodwill and scored these guys for $1.50 a piece. I liked the plain wood, but I wanted to give them a little something extra.

Armed with some Martha Stewart craft paint in School Bus and Rose Copper and a roll of painters tape I set off to spruce up my files. I kept things super simple here. The lines aren’t the same size nor are they exactly straight. I painted part of the inside but not all the way down since no one’s really gonna see that. I’m happy with how they turn out. The sunny yellow makes me smile and I’m really liking copper accents these days. P1020746

Should you choose to embark on a similar project you will need to bottles of craft paint in the color and brand of your choice, a roll of painter’s tape in a thickness you prefer, and foam brushes which I find to distribute the most evenly. Start by painting the whole file your main color, allow to dry about an hour before applying a second coat or touch ups then allow that to dry. Next, put on your painters tape covering the areas you do not want your accent color. I chose to keep my stripes all the way around the base and was careful to make sure the tape matched up once I got all the way around to avoid super wonky stripes. If you want perfection, get out a ruler and pencil and measure the space between each stripe on all sides. Paint your stripes, allow to dry and touch up as needed, remove the tape and there you go.

P1020745P1020772 P1020771

I know, it’s super easy, but so satisfying. As a busy, often overwhelmed mother of a toddler with another on the way, I really like these small simple projects that give our home a little extra without causing loss of sanity. What small projects are you working on these days?

xo, S.


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