A Hat for Bear

P1020807It’s hard to believe that the Bear will be 2 in a little over two weeks. This time last year he couldn’t even walk without help, now he’s running laps around me as I type. He’s even (mostly) moved out of his crib and is managing not to fall out of the twin size bed we put together last weekend. I know, I know, they grow so fast. But really, they do. Watching a child grow from a helpless lump to an opinionated person with their own wants, likes, and dislikes is fascinating. Not only because you well with pride when they triumph, but you think about the small and big challenges in your life that you had to tackle and overcome to get to this point. If you told me 3 years ago I would be here with a toddler and another baby on the way, I would have laughed. I would have thought it some impossible dream that I’d given up years before.

How did I get here? In the end it’s really pretty simple. DB was coming back to the east coast for a visit after his first deployment. We were only acquaintances, but I knew I wanted to see him again so I invited him to stop down in Philly for a visit since he’d be relatively close…the rest is history.  We were married a few months later, welcomed the Bear into our life shortly after that and we haven’t looked back since. Much like the Bear takes a leap of faith every time he tries to walk down the stairs by himself, or jump, or climb the jungle gym in the park, DB and I took a leap of faith in each other and it’s made our lives so much better.P1020798

Like all new families we are still establishing our traditions. One of my favorites is making new hats for everyone when falls rolls around. I knit this one during some unseasonably warm days in the hopes that it cooler weather would be close behind. I’m happy to report we’ve been waking up to a cool house, wearing pants and long sleeve tops, and seeing far few houseflies flooding in whenever we open a door. Life is good.P1020797

The pattern is Kim’s Hats from Last Minute Knitted Gifts (which according to Amazon, I purchased in October of 2005). It’s my favorite basic hat pattern, easy, quick, endlessly adaptable. I used leftover Shelter from Brooklyn Tweed in the Tent color way. It was leftover from a hat I knit for Bear’s Grampy last Christmas. The brown is from some rogue skein of Lorna’s Laces that I’d mistakenly received as part of a larger order many years ago (like when I first started knitting). So I think it’s fitting that he will now coordinate with his Grampy, but also have a little piece of my knitting past as a symbol of how far we’ve both come.P1020796

Raveled here.

Hope you’re all enjoying cooler weather.

xo, S.


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