Recent Acquisition

vintage hardwareWe’ve been at our new place a little over two months now and during that time we’ve gone through some major changes with our home decor style. We upgraded our living room furniture and have constructed a pretty legit library nook, and along the way have made great strides in figuring out what our overall style really is. While I love MCM pieces, I don’t like a full vintage retro look in my home. As a couple we veer more towards cozy and functional than anything else, with natural woods, neutral furniture, handmade textiles, and a healthy dose of photos from all our adventures. Now that we’ve started to pin all that down, and have the major bulk of our house together, we’ve been faithfully visiting our local thrift shops in hopes of finding a few pieces to round out our furniture needs. It became apparent pretty early on that we were in need of something for the dining room that we could store linens (which currently reside in a small dresser in the living room), as well as booze, and other things that have been floor dwelling since we got here. We’ve made a few treks to our local Habitat for Humanity store, but haven’t had near the luck we had out in Washington. Sometimes it feels like every armoire that we open turns out to be a TV stand. Such a bummer. However, last time we were over there I noticed another thrift shop further down in the same shopping center, and we decided to check it out on this visit. Hidden deep amongst some pretty serious grandma velvet upholstered everything, this little gem was tucked between two larger china cabinets. It was just what we needed, the wood coordinated with our existing table, it wasn’t too big, and at $120 right in our budget too. After some quick measuring of our vehicle and some help from a shop volunteer we were driving home with our newest piece.

vintage china cabinet, art deco P1020953 art deco china cabinet

I love the details on it. The hardware is awesome, we both really like the detail of having it offset on the doors. The woodgrain is beautiful, and the drawers feature dovetail joints. It’s also in great shape, no big stains, a few small chips, and it could use a polish, but overall you can tell the previous owner really loved and cared for it. I think one of the great things about getting an older piece is thinking about the folks who had it before. I look at our cabinet and wonder how many family gatherings it saw, Thanksgivings, birthdays, good times, not so good times. And now this little piece will see us through all those times too. Right now it serves as our liquor cabinet and has also become home to DB’s guitar pedals that his folks brought down over the weekend. I kind of like that we’re using it to suit our needs which are a little quirky and totally us.




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