Lazy Days

It’s been so rainy the past few days, that i it wasn’t for the warm temperatures, I’d swear we were back in the PNW (I soooo wish we were!). There are ups and downs to this weather. For me, it’s really relaxing and makes for great sleeping. The Bear really enjoys watching the rain from the window and commenting on it and insisting that I watch it with him, but he’s also getting a little stir crazy so the house is a constant tornado. DB and I had big plans for around the house projects this weekend, but he threw his back out at work (yikes) and has been couch bound with books, Netflix, and muscle relaxers for the past few days leaving most of the chores and errand running to a 29 weeks pregnant me. I’ve also been using this time to work on some knitting and process the 10 lbs of apples that were sitting on our counter. I’ve got applesauce in the canner right now and I made this crisp last night (both recipes are highly recommended if you’re apple crazy like me right now). All is not lost though, we’ve got 2 days left of this long weekend, DB is on the mend, and if the rain clears out we should be able to get the Bear his much desired outside time before we’re done. Here’s hoping your weekend is full of family fun and delicious food. xo, S.

PS. I can’t find the battery charger for my camera so here’s some lo-fi iPhone goodness.

sleepy Bear//plaid skirt

Lazy Rainy Day

cardigan knitting//plaid skirt

From humble beginnings, come great cardigans

Tomato lager soup//plaid skirt

Grilled cheese w/ homemade bread and Tomato Lager Soup

Daddy and Bear//plaid skirt

Oh hey, Daddy, lemme help you with your back

curious Bear //plaid skirt

Mama! Mama! Rain! Outside!

apple crisp //plaid skirt

Apple Extravaganza

knitting and apples//plaid skirt

Apple Crisp and a longer sleeve

finger painting//plaid skirt

Trying out some homemade finger paints


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