Friday Night

Right before we got married I suggested to DB that we should brew beer as a family hobby or at least a husband/wife hobby. He recalls this moment as one where he knew he’d chosen the right gal for him. Since that time, he’s really taken the ball and ran with it. We’ve had some great brews, a couple failed experiments, and once, a garage floor caked with brown ale. It’s been a while since there’s been any brewing activity though, and so it was nice to visit the local brew shop last weekend and pick up some new ingredients and start fresh. He’s going for a Belgian style with this batch, and there should be plenty of it ready to go when I can (finally) kick back and enjoy a home brew again. Perhaps one day it will also be incorporated into a sour beer which is one of our long-term brewing goals (hard to pull off when you’re moving all the time). Bottling night has always been a bit of a family affair, DB does all the grunt work with either me distracting the Bear, or capping the bottles, or other various called upon errands. Whichever it is, I always enjoy this time we spend together in the kitchen, enjoying a new to us podcast, and just hanging out after a long day/week. P1030067 P1030069 P1030070 P1030071 P1030073 P1030076


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