Happy National Eat Pie for Breakfast Day!

P1030477Ok, I don’t know if it’s a National Holiday, but it’s definitely my favorite post Thanksgiving tradition, so it should be national holiday. Forget getting up at the crack of dawn to fight people at the store. Today we’re relaxing after a day of eating too much and making a huge mess of our kitchen and house in general.

I’ve also just done a mini shop update over at my Etsy store. Several scarves are available and will ship in plenty of time for Christmas.

Hope you’re all enjoying a quiet day of pie, video games, and naps.

xo, S.




Processed with VSCOcam with x4 presetToday I am thankful for these two dudes, and the one that will be here so very soon, for showing me so much love and support, for teaching me new things, and for just being the greatest people in my life. I love you, dudes. Let’s go eat more pie.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

xo, S.



P1030391In case you hadn’t noticed, we are deep in the midst of the let’s make ridiculously large meals and gorge ourselves for days time of year. Being a person who loves spending time in the kitchen, the holidays are right up my alley. I love figuring out the menu, researching recipes, gathering up ingredients, and then spending a few days prior to the main event in the kitchen putting everything together. But I have to tell you, I totally hit a breaking point last week when it seemed that every blessed food blog I came across had about 900 different tips, tricks, and even schedules to help the home cook prepare for Thanksgiving. It just seemed overwhelming, especially to folks who are not accustomed to hosting a large meal, or even a small dinner party. Information overload for sure.P1030395

I mean really, as long as the family is together and the pie makes it to the table…who really cares? Even if it’s a store-bought pie, or a bakery pie, or a pie with store bought crust (I do this ALL the time). I think all this “advice”, while well-meaning, misses the overall point of the gathering completely. It’s about being around the table with people you love (and who usually drive you a little crazy too) and enjoying a meal. It doesn’t have to be the wild affair with 10 appetizers, 20 side dishes, and  15 pies, with a table set with painstakingly handmade place cards and pinecone arrangements. Who has time for that? And if you’re stressing out over all that prep work, how do you have time to sit down with everyone and enjoy the meal? (note: I’m pretty sure we’ll eat our Thanksgiving meal sitting around the coffee table)P1030392

Being in the military. DB and I don’t get to spend a lot of holidays with family. In fact, we haven’t spent any holidays with either of our families since we got married. In fact, we’re pretty happy at this point just to have had the privilege of spending our holidays together in the same house and same country. Our lifestyle puts things into perspective for me in a way I never thought of previously, and I hope it’s something that I can instill in the Bear and our new little one throughout their childhoods. The important thing is not the turkey. In fact, one Thanksgiving a few years back the turkey didn’t even make it to the table, but fortunately my sister in law brought down a ham so we had that instead. The important thing is us and the memories we make. So friends, don’t kill yourselves in the kitchen over these next few weeks, just sit back, have a festive drink, and think about how happy your grandparents are to see you.



Friday Favorites

Processed with VSCOcam with x1 presetDB and I came to the realization that we’re 35 weeks pregnant now and the baby could just show up any time. It’s not likely to happen, we’re still on track for Christmas day, but we need to be prepared. So we’ve spent the last week and will spend this coming weekend getting a better organizational flow going throughout the house. I’m pretty excited because it’s forcing us to tie up lots of odds and ends that will make our lives more functional (plus I get to take you on a bit of a house tour). We know that with two kids and million hobbies between us we’ll never have one of those interiors they show in magazines, but let’s be honest, even those interiors don’t look perfect when the cameras leave.

I was already sooooooooo excited for the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special this weekend. This prequel has me even more excited!

Also very excited that Brooklyn Tweed released Wool People 6. I am smitten with this sweater, and this one.

Speaking of knitting, I helped a friend pick out some yarn for this shawl, and now I’m thinking of making one for myself.

Brussels sprouts seem to be all the rage lately. In fact, we ate them a ton this week. I’m thinking of picking up more so when can try this iteration.

Do you love abandoned places? I do! Here’s a huge one in Paris.

I’ve probably got about 10 lbs of apples in the house right now. This applesauce will be on the stovetop this weekend.

Absolutely love this plaid on plaid look. Something I’ll get back to once I get out of these maternity clothes.

Also, how great is this dress Gertie made?

Don’t forget to stop by my Etsy shop. I’ll be adding some scarves in the next couple days. Expect ornament sets next week!

Have a great weekend!

XO, s.

Go For Launch

plaid skirt etsy shopIf you’ll recall this post from the beginning of the month, my number one goal was to do something that scares me. Well, guys, I launched an Etsy shop, and yes it is scary. Friends have encouraged me to do this for years, but I just couldn’t bring myself to invest the time or the startup capital to give it a go. I didn’t feel creative enough. I didn’t feel like my handmade things were good enough to share with people beyond my family and close friends. I felt like I didn’t have enough ideas. Plus, I was scared that it would be a huge failure, so I just kept talking myself out of it. Fortunately, over this past year I’ve really started to feel more creative, inspired, and driven to be a better maker. DB has been hugely encouraging and supportive, even helping me choose colors and QC design ideas. I’m so lucky to have here cheering me on (and pushing me, I really need the pushing).

And so friends, here’s the start. The Plaid Skirt Etsy shop. We’re starting off with a collection of women’s hats. I love these things so much that it will be hard to part with them! They’re made with a super soft, chunky wool & alpaca blend yarn that has been lovely to work with. Plus, I think you’ll really dig the color palette, perfect for winter!

I’ll be adding more products over the coming weeks including holiday ornaments, home textiles, and perhaps some other knit accessories. I hope you’ll check it out, like what you see, and spread the word. Stay tuned to the blog for upcoming shop updates and specials. Thank you so much for your support.


We just enjoyed a nice four day weekend where no one was sick or injured and the weather was nice. We wanted to visit the National Aquarium in Baltimore, but OMG is that place expensive. So we kicked off the weekend at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum. There was also beer brewing, Christmas crafting, podcasting (more on that later) and a delicious BBQ brisket dinner last night. We had great ambitions to get our house in better shape for when the baby comes in just a few short weeks. While we made a lot of progress on small projects, our house is still in tornado mode. Something I’ll get around the fixing as the week goes on. We’ll hit the 34 week mark tomorrow, and I have to tell you, I’m so tired and I besides sleep I just want to eat bowls and bowls of cereal. I can’t wait to have this baby and get back into the gym and not having these wild cravings.

lazy Bear // plaid skirt

This kid has wanted to watch nothing but Cars all week long.

Sunset // plaid skirt

Sunset on our way to the store a few nights ago

hats // plaid skirt

These hats will soon be available in my Etsy store

Air and Space Museum // plaid skirt

We made a visit to the Air and Space Museum at the Smithsonian. Bear loves airplanes (and anything else that goes)

lager brewing // plaid skirt

Yeast starter and a pot of steeping grains for our lager


baby blanket // plaid skirt

A color block blanket for the new baby

storytime // plaid skirt

They look so much alike

amaryllis bulbs // plaid skirt

The in-laws sent us a box of goodies, including these amaryllis bulbs. I hope I don’t kill them.

33 weeks pregnant // plaid skirt

My feet disappeared

Blue Bell Mountain

long chevron scarf // plaid skirtI came across this pattern on Ravelry a couple months ago and I totally fell in love with it. I loved the featured color way, the stitch patterns and the alternating textures created by the garter and stockinette sections. I also really liked the fact that the yarn called for (O Wool Local) was partially grown just across the bridge from where I grew up and milled in Philadelphia. I wanted to cast on right away. Of course, there’s not a whole lot of room in our budget for more yarn, and one of my goals this year has been to keep knitting from my stash. Immediately I thought of the Beaverslide Fisherman 3-ply (also raised in America) that I had bought last year with the idea of making an afghan only to realize I hadn’t bought nearly enough for what I had in mind. So I took 4 skeins. 2 of Big Sky Blue, one Autumn Licorice, and one oddball brown guy that I’d bought back in 2007. Originally I’d intended this for myself, but DB saw it and immediately loved the color combo, so I happily knit it for him instead. It is quite masculine after all.

long chevron scarf // plaid skirt

I really love Beaverslide yarns. The wool is raised in Montana and milled in just over the border in Canada. It’s thick, wooly, has great stitch definition, really blooms after blocking.  I have a couple skeins of Big Sky Blue left after this, along with some dark heather grey that I think will translate to a sweater for myself. Anyway, while gorgeous, it’s also significantly heavier than O Wool Local, it took some trial and error to figure out what needles to use and how many stitches to cast on. I ended up using size 11 with 37 stitches cast on which gave me about 9″ in width after blocking. It’s forever long, hence mountain instead of hill. In fact we keep referring to it as his Doctor scarf since the length is reminiscent of Tom Baker’s as 4th Doctor. P1030169


Instead of following the pattern verbatim, I alternated the garter and stockinette sections as seemed fitting. That’s what I like best about this, it’s a very adaptable the stitch pattern. You can really make it with any yarn in any color(s) you like, but thanks to the chevron created by the paired decreased on each end and the lifted increases in the middle, you end up with something much more stunning than a traditional garter stitch scarf. I’m actually using the garter pattern in fingering weight to make a blanket for our impending baby. I also think this would look great made a bit wider in a single color and used as a table runner. Raveled here.

long chevron scarf // plaid skirt long chevron scarf // plaid skirt