Favorite Pregnancy Snack

P1030052When I first encountered Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter, I determined that had it been around when I was pregnant with the Bear, I likely would’ve eaten it by the jar and gained twice as much weight. It’s just that good. Now that I’m pregnant again, I have found a way to make it even better! Put it on ginger snaps! As much as I try to keep my junk food homemade (I figure if I want the calories that badly, I should put the effort in myself), sometimes I just want something easy and rewarding. This is that. As I mentioned last week, my biggest craving has been for cinnamon things. This combo is perfectly spiced with cinnamon and fall warmth, it’s crunchy and creamy, and downright decadent for a store bought combo. Fortunately, I haven’t gained a million pounds like I thought I might if I started eating cookie butter in bulk. With only a few weeks left to go I have to say, I’ll be a little blue when my seasonal supply of snaps runs out and I have to go back to eating like a rational person.

Happy Monday.

xo, s.


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