Keeping it Simple

When you have to move every few years, you develop a tendency to try and simplify as much as you can. For DIY folks like us who have a million hobbies this can be a pretty tall order, but one way in which we keep things simple is our Christmas decorations. Like I’ve mentioned before, for us, the holidays are a lot more about being together and eating delicious food, than having a Clark Griswold style blowout. Sure, I’d love to have a huge tree glittering with vintage glass and lights and garlands in every room of the house. But then I think about having to pack those up, haul them around, and then deal with the inevitable disappointment when things get broken by the movers, I’m glad we keep things small scale. Plus, you never know what your new place will look like and how you’ll lay out everything, so it’s best to stick to a couple boxes of lights, ornaments, and DIY snow globes. We get a smaller tree, we make a few new ornaments for it each year, and at night we turn it on and enjoy its soft glow while we eat some homemade cookies and talk about the day when we can settle down into a place of our own and really start to branch out.

plaid skirt snowflake ornament// plaid skirt bottle brush snow globes // plaid skirt IKEA strala lights // plaid skirt diy doormat // plaid skirt holiday display // plaid skirt



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