He’s Here

IMG_4926Not only is he here, he’s already a week old! Which has all sort of floated by in a daze of happiness and sleepiness and an earnest attempt to keep our house clean and organized. While everyone was busy posting their year end wrap ups and goals for 2014 I was anxiously awaiting for all the contractions I had during Christmas week to finally catch on and start pushing this little guy out. He decided to forego his Christmas due date in favor of showing up in the wee hours of New Year’s Eve morning (0333 to be exact). I’d started having contractions the afternoon before and we were having dinner with DB’s parents  when I couldn’t take it anymore and finally said, “I think we should go to the hospital.” Good thing too since we were already 5 centimeters along.

IMG_4963 P1030696

Overall it was a pretty uneventful labor. I got an epidural shortly after we got checked in and placed in a room. I realize that may seem shocking when so many people want to go for natural births these days, but honestly, I like the epidural. It slows things down, gives you a chance to relax a little, and then when it’s time to push and meet the baby you’re ready. I did the same thing with the Bear and had good experiences both times. But yes, the epidural slowed things down so much that the Doc came in a broke my water to get the contractions moving again. In the meantime, realizing his eviction was now inevitable, our little Cub decided he was going to increase his heart rate just enough to cause the nurses to do things like put probes in his head to monitor his heart more accurately and one next to his head to measure the effectiveness of the contractions. I was also given oxygen to help calm him down. Eventually, (like 2-3 hours later) it worked, and I was given a small dose of piton to get things moving again. It took about another 2 hours but when it came time to push this little dude came out pretty quickly. In fact, he didn’t even have that pointy head thing that newborns often have when born vaginally.



We spent the evening together in the hospital. We passed into 2014 as Mama Bear and Cub quietly enjoying each other’s warmth and love, and went home on New Year’s Day. It was quite a homecoming too, since the Bear had a cold and needed to be kept at a distance from his new brother for a couple days. Fortunately, he’s on the mend now. We had family around the first couple days to help out, but now we’re on our own here and learning how to be a family of four. Also learning how to be a family of four and still maintain a relatively clean house and find time to be adults and to blog and podcast and cook and brew and all the other DIY things we enjoy. I savor these days of getting lots of snuggles and watching my sweet Cub’s little face change and grown right before my eyes, but I also look forward to a few weeks from now when he’ll start sleeping more at night and having a regular schedule. That’s all just a faraway dream now.


Hope your New Year has been off to a great start.

xo, S.



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