First off, thanks for all the great support on my last post. I know a lot of folks who don’t normally read this blog stopped by, and myself and my family are so touched by your love, prayers, and encouraging words. It still doesn’t seem real, but we are coping and will continue to honor my aunt with our happy memories. This has been a tough week on top of a rough holiday season. There has been great sorrow, but also great joy, and I feel truly lucky to have such great family and friends to be here with me through the despair and to celebrate the happiness. I encourage everyone to take some time this weekend to hug and thank all those who support you in life. Now onto some lighter fare.

I really enjoyed Max’s take on mindfulness. I try to apply these principles when shopping for our home as well as myself.

This outfit is the luxe version of my everyday uniform.

We made this salad as a dinner side this week and it was awesome.

In love with these tee pee pillows from Purl. Definitely on my list of things to make.

I also really enjoyed this tutorial for geometric pillows. I’m thinking of making these to change up our couch pillows.

A great New York Times article on the textile industry in the US.


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