The New Year

P1030785For me the New Year doesn’t really start until today which is my birthday. I find the holidays to be way to crazy to start thinking about the new year, and goals, and expectations, so I save January leading up to this day to really reflect on the past year and decide what my goals, ambitions, and hopes are for the new year. Last year I did a 31 before 30 list, which I thought I’d revisit today and see what kind of progress I made. Truthfully, my goal was really to get pregnant and have a healthy baby, but I didn’t write that one down. I didn’t want to set myself up for disappointment, especially since when I made the list I was on the heels of a miscarriage.

So let’s revisit the list and I’ll tell you how it all went. Things in bold are ones that I either completed or came close to.

1) Sew a quilt for our bed: I started on this and was going at a good clip, but had to set it aside and haven’t gotten back to it yet.

2) Make the Beekeeper’s Quilt: I thought this would be a good knitting project for our cross country trip, until I realized I’d also need to haul along a bag of polyfil so shelved this

3) Knit Abotanicity: I realized this sweater just isn’t me so I scrapped it as well

4) Complete 365 Project: This is about halfway done. I took pictures pretty much everyday, but I need to finish sorting through them. You can see my progress here.

5) Get film developed: I have a box of undeveloped film. I sent all the medium format to Old School Photo Lab, but had a horrible customer service experience with them, so I’m looking for someplace else to develop the 35mm I have left.

6) Continue to knit through stash: Achieved! Most of the things I made this year came right out of my stash, which is thankfully waaaay smaller now.

7) Start rock climbing: This went out the window when I got pregnant, but I hope to start later this year.

8) Outstanding PRT: Another victim of pregnancy

9) Get down to 27″ waist: Ha! More like up to a 42″ waist

10) Write more: I was much more diligent about blogging and writing in my journal. It’s been a good exercise that I plan on continuing.

11) Read the Border Trilogy: Completed! I’ll tell you what I thought about it soon.

12) Sew a well fitting dress: alas, a pregnancy victim. Hopefully this year

13) Finish EXW: For those of you not in the know this was my Expeditionary Warfare Specialist qualification for the Navy, and I completed it back in June. It was a TON of work, and now I’m working towards a new pin.

14) Take the Bear outside: Both DB and I have worked hard to get the Bear running around in the fresh air.

15) Paint Porcelain: I wanted to spruce up some cups and bowls, but never quite got to it.

16) Roast Coffee: We’ve been wanting to try roasting at home, but after lots of consideration, it may be more trouble than it’s worth.

17) Record music with DB: Not yet, but we have made strides in getting our home studio set up and we just bought a new guitar.

18) Learn intarsia: I’m working on an intarsia project right now, and it’s a way easier technique than I previously thought.

19) Learn Japanese short rows: Haven’t gotten to this yet, but the intarsia project calls for short rows so I’ll try them when I get to that part.

20) Learn to make macarons: Nope, not yet.

21) Make map quilt: I have this kit from Haptic Labs, but I haven’t started yet.

22) Visit a National Park: We visited 6! You can read about the here, here, here, here, and here.

23) Buy more American made clothes: I didn’t buy a ton of clothes this year, but I did buy American made, and discovered lots of new to me brands like Pickwick and Weller who make, hands down, my new favorite tees.

24) Develop a better workout routine: I did really well with this until we moved and then my workouts became more sporadic. I’m back on the horse now though.

25) Start an indoor herb garden: We started an outdoor one instead.

26) Build something: While I meant this to be more like something out of wood and screws and nails, we put together enough IKEA furniture that I think I can cross this one off.

27) Become a more diverse canner: I definitely did a better job at stocking our larder this year and trying new things. I talk about it here.

28) Make paste from scratch: I made gnocchi. We recently discovered that our Kitchenaid is not in the mood to support attachments like our pasta roller, otherwise we’d be make noodles for days.

29) Embroider more: Total fail. I didn’t embroider a single thing last year.

30) Make more home products: I made hand soap, laundry detergent, lip scrub, and DB just made some wood butter. 

So overall, not bad. However, I’ve got my hands way too full to think about doing it again this year. At times I felt a little overwhelmed by the list, or that it was keeping me from doing other things. When taking on a project like this, you really can’t expect to finish everything, life always gets in the way. For my 31st year, I’m keeping things simple. I’ll be happy to spend time in my kitchen and get my kids to eat their vegetables.



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