Friday Favorites

IMG_5114Don’t let this picture fool you, I took it when I was in Florida last week and it was cold there too! Fortunately, I think this cold snap is finally breaking (at least for a day or two). I don’t think my skin could get any more dry without shattering into a million pieces, and I won’t even get into the scaliness that has taken over all the delicate baby skin around here. Plus, being housebound pretty much all week has really taken it’s toll on all of us. So we’re really looking forward to a weekend with friends where we can get out a bit, and then gorge ourselves on unhealthy snacks Sunday evening. Hope your weekend is warm and delicious.

Love this little bit of vandalism that reminds us nobody’s perfect.

Local Kitchen did a great series this week on leftovers. I want to try every iteration.

A great post by Joy the Baker on sharing her trip to Uganda with us.

We’ll pretend this is healthy because there’s kale in it.

The cookbook of George II looks like something out of Game of Thrones.

I hate when this happens. Unless, I’m the one making it happen. Ahhh, I miss my clothes.

xo, S.


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