Getting Back on Track

P1030769Shortly after I came home from the hospital with our newest Cub, DB wrote this on the chalkboard in our kitchen. I guess in a way these four little things are like our new year’s resolutions, but I think they reach beyond that and help us to stay on track as we adjust to being parents of two and get ourselves back in shape after a long, hectic, and stressful holiday season. I always find that the cold of the winter can really knock me off track when it comes to things like eating healthy and staying busy. The allure of a warm electric blanket and a snuggly new baby can make it hard for me to want to go to the gym, or study for tests, or put laundry away. But all those things need to get done, and when they don’t I really can’t blame the blanket. The frigid temperatures we’ve had around here lately have made things even more difficult, since it always seems more appropriate to eat comfort foods drowned in cheese than it does to eat a light soup or a salad. Still I find that having things written down in plain sight has been really helpful. It’s driven me towards the bowl of oranges instead of the stash of chocolate in the freezer as well as out the door and to the gym for about an hour a day these last two weeks. It also helps us to keep each other accountable, for the first time in our marriage DB and I are carving out time to work out together, which has been surprisingly enjoyable. I’m also branching out more in the kitchen, trying new recipes that are comforting without weighing us down (literally and figuratively).

Every Monday I’ve decided to take a progress shot of myself at the gym. I’ve been posting them up on Instagram but I’ll also be sharing them here so that I can have even more accountability partners, but also that I have a frame of reference to see where I was when I get to where I want to be. Health and fitness can be a long and frustrating road, but I need to remember to take baby steps, stick to the simple things, and keep pushing through till I make.

Starting Point

Starting Point

Week One

Week One

Thank you for taking this journey with me.

xo, S.


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