Wardrobe Architect: Weeks 5 & 6

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These last few weeks of Wardrobe Architect have moved away from shape and into color. I created some boards on Pinterest to track my neutrals, near neutrals, and bold colors. I liked the idea of finding images with these colors instead of doing something flat like using a palette maker or gather paint chips because I like to see how texture and light can effect the shade and feel of a color. In all, I favor a more neutral palette (basically, every shade of grey I can find) punctuated with rich jewel tones and the occasional  bright color. I find that pastels wash me out. Instead of adding a lot of color, I tend to go more for texture. I think this is a direct result of being a knitter for nearly a decade now. I rely on both thick and fine wools, tweed, textured stitches like cable knit to bring visual interest to my wardrobe.

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Thinking about color in this way, has enabled me to make more informed purchases when I buy yarn. Like a wooly magpie, I love to pick up skeins of beautiful hand-dyed yarns with a lot of different colors and variegated tones. But then I go to make something with it and I just get stuck. I get stuck because I know I’ll never wear a sweater with all that variegation, so all those beauties sat there neglected for a long time. Recently, I’ve turned many of those unused skeins into gifts or things for around my home, where I can enjoy the beauty of the yarn without having it wear me. I also have a huge stash of fabrics that I bought for various garment projects I want to work on, but I’m realizing now that while I might love the colors and patterns I picked out, most of them aren’t anything I’d ever wear.

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I’ll get into pattern in the next few days. I’ve been traveling and am a bit behind in these exercises. On the other hand, I think it’s good to take some time to reflect on my clothing and how I want to look. It’s causing me to be a lot more mindful not just about the clothes I want to buy, but also the fabrics and fibers I’ve been choosing.  And, let’s be honest, a little more thoughtfulness and a little less consumerism is good for everyone, don’t you think?

Hope you’re having a great week!

xo, s.


3 thoughts on “Wardrobe Architect: Weeks 5 & 6

  1. I really like the idea of using images instead of chips to show the colors! So fun seeing everyone’s different styles from Wardrobe Architect! I’m finding it so helpful 🙂

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