Friday Favorites and Lending a Hand for Bruce

You guys, it’s almost daylight savings time! Already? Yes, Sunday, in fact. I thought having one kid made the time go faster, but having two just makes time a complete blur. We’ve been busy the past couple weeks, traveling, visiting family, having family visit us. March and April look just as hectic. Phew! I look forward to May when we might be able to relax just a little.

Anyway, my friend Justin and his beautiful pup Bruce are in need of your help. Bruce is an adorable pit bull who needs double ACL surgery, which is very expensive. To help defer the cost, Justin has set up a fundraiser on Indiegogo, and is off to a great start. Any help you could give would be so greatly appreciated. In the ten years that I have known him, Justin has always proved to be a loyal friend with a kind heart, and I hope that he’ll be able to help his little buddy, but he needs your help! I know there are plenty of pet and pit bull lovers out there who can contribute. If you act quickly you can claim one of the specially made t-shirts for the cause. Or just donate a couple dollars. Everything helps. For more information you can visit and like the Facebook page. Thank you.

I really enjoyed Sarai’s post about her new swimsuit and dealing with body issues. I can totally relate. I also wish I was going somewhere where I needed a bathing suit.

Similarly, Tasha’s thoughts on accepting when styles don’t always work for us is great. There’s tons of styles I think look great on other ladies, but I know would never work for me, and that’s OK.

Who didn’t love Lupita Nyong’o’s thoughts about beauty and coming to accept her dark skin?

Craft beer is near and dear to our hearts around here. Here are 5 issues craft beer drinkers should be thinking about.

This post about switching over to natural skin care was really interesting, informative, and most of all, honest.

Jen’s thoughts on participating in Lent are great. I think a season of fasting is a healthy exercise no matter what your faith or beliefs. I’ve given up dessert in hopes I can finally bust through my current sugar addiction.

Have a great weekend.

xo, S.



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