Friday Favorites

Cruising along the Potomac. #vscocam
Another whirlwind couple of weeks has just FLOWN by. We’re taking a break starting this month, regrouping as a family, taking a little road trip, and generally just doing our best to go outside and enjoy the weather before the oppressive humidity and crazy bugs start showing up. Oh spring, you are such a brief but lovely window. Hope you’re warming up and getting some much needed air wherever this weekend finds you.

This article is exactly why I’m not concerned about how long it will take to lose weight, but instead focused on adopting and keeping healthy habits for me and my family.

Rashida Jones has natural beauty down pat.

I want to visit Victoria Smith’s San Francisco.

Also, Paris!

Made a version of this pizza a couple days ago…perfection!

How utterly gorgeous are these embroidered portraits?

I haven’t had much opportunity to knit recently, but obviously I should. This is your brain on knitting.

Tintypes on found cans. So beautiful.

Mint and red is always a favorite.

Have a great weekend!

xo, S.




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