4 Months

P1040335I still feel like we juuuuust brought the Cub home, but here over 1/4 of the year has passed! In other ways, it feels like he’s been here forever. In the last few weeks, Cubby has really taken off. He’s nearly twice his birthweight (8lbs 1 oz to 15 lbs 13 oz), which is not at all surprising since I feel like he just eats all day long. Actually, these days he spends more and more time playing in his baby jungle gym, rolling over from his stomach to his back (still working on back to stomach), watches his older brother with great focus and concentration, and smiles, giggles, and desperately tries to talk. He likes to hang out in his swing, watch the ceiling fan whirl around. He’s sleeping in his own room finally (now that we don’t have a steady stream of houseguests to occupy it), and we’re slowly creating art to decorate it with art projects we created just for him . He sleeps through the night too! I do not sleep through the night since around 2:30 every morning he stirs enough to realize he’s lost his pacifier and usually need a diaper (if not full outfit) change. Overall though, he’s a super chill little dude.
P1040341We took him on a long car ride and trip away from home for Easter to meet my Grandma for the first time, and he performed wonderfully. Patiently enduring being in a new place and being passed around and fussed over by new people. The Bear takes to that well too, but he’s used to being spoiled with love and chocolate by his grandparents. Speaking of the Bear, he oscillates between totally ignoring the Cub to coming over and giving him kisses and high fives. Despite his ambivalence, if I am in another room and Cubby starts crying, the Bear comes running to me and declares, “Mom! Cubby needs help! He needs chomp!”, or if Cub gets upset during a car ride, Bear will chirp up, “It’s ok, Cub, it’s OK.” Which is sweet and melts my heart and makes up for the multitude of challenges these two hand me throughout the day.
P1040376Over the last four months we’ve really adjusted to being a family of four. We do our best to make the most of this time because we know it will be short lived. We know that our kids will always love us, but may not shower us with their smiles and kisses and declarations of it as they get older. I would slow this time down ever so slightly if I could, but instead I’m just learning to be ok with a messier house, unfolded laundry, and cluttered table tops. Like all things, this too shall pass.P1040339


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