Friday Favorites

IMG_5821We got a little taste of summer yesterday, and as you can see, the Bear totally loved it. My mom stopped by for a visit bearing gifts of baby formula and this Little Tykes water table (made in the USA!), which Bear calls “waterfall” and wants to play with it regardless of the weather. He’s totally a water baby, just like his Mama. We’ve got some adventures lined up soon, but in the meantime, this little table has been great for getting our dude outside and running around. Also, the Cub is totally fascinated by it.

Here’s a great article on A Beautiful Mess about prime lenses and focal lengths for you budding DSLR photographers.

Oh no! Turns out I’ve been doing planks wrong this whole time.

Amy cleaned out her closet, and you totally can too!

Love, love, love, that Kaela over at Local Kitchen is injecting some science and good ol’ fashioned logic into the great sugar war.

I also love the inside of couture dresses. Here’s a pic of Dita Von Teese’s Zac Posen gown from the Met Gala.

So glad to see Wendy Mullin is still making awesome clothes.

Have you visited Mother yet? It’s a new project from James of Bleubird and journalist Katie Hintz-Zambrano for stylish moms like me (and you!)

Have a fantastic weekend!

xo, S.


Friday Favorites

This week has definitely felt like it disappeared before it ever started. That happens when you start it off by traveling. We took a short vacation to visit my dad in North Carolina for Easter where we ate lots of chocolate and barbecue and homemade doughnuts. I immediately ran to Costco when we got back to load up on greens and veggies. Our CSA starts in about a week, and we’re super excited for all the experimentation it will bring to our kitchen. This weekend we’re planning some major spring cleaning. Now that we’ve been in this house for a while, we see several areas where we can streamline, reduce clutter, and implement better storage. I can’t wait for DB to get home so we can chow down on nachos and get things moving around here.

All this spring cleaning has triggered a big itch to do some DIY projects around the house (I made the blue pillow cover in the photo above). In my stolen moments, I’ve been watching classes on Creativebug and Craftsy, as well as dreaming about the links below.

Design Sponge offered up this simple and beautiful tutorial on fabric covered photo mats that I love.

Sharpie paint pens + terra cotta pots = genius!

Grainline Studio featured a tutorial on how to mod her Scout T-shirt to look like this Madewell denim t. I love it because it goes hand in hand with fashion revolution day (which was yesterday).

A house full of tiny bears totally calls for some Bear string art.

Brooklyn Tweed just released Wool People 7. I love the beautiful simplicity of this scarf. Also, chevrons!

Colette Patterns released their Guide to Sewing with Knits, and two lovely new patterns. I’m pretty excited to make myself a pencil skirt.

Hope you have a creative weekend!

xo, S.


Friday Favorites

Cruising along the Potomac. #vscocam
Another whirlwind couple of weeks has just FLOWN by. We’re taking a break starting this month, regrouping as a family, taking a little road trip, and generally just doing our best to go outside and enjoy the weather before the oppressive humidity and crazy bugs start showing up. Oh spring, you are such a brief but lovely window. Hope you’re warming up and getting some much needed air wherever this weekend finds you.

This article is exactly why I’m not concerned about how long it will take to lose weight, but instead focused on adopting and keeping healthy habits for me and my family.

Rashida Jones has natural beauty down pat.

I want to visit Victoria Smith’s San Francisco.

Also, Paris!

Made a version of this pizza a couple days ago…perfection!

How utterly gorgeous are these embroidered portraits?

I haven’t had much opportunity to knit recently, but obviously I should. This is your brain on knitting.

Tintypes on found cans. So beautiful.

Mint and red is always a favorite.

Have a great weekend!

xo, S.



Friday Favorites

Music time

This has been the most frustrating week of my year so far. It seems like almost nothing has gone smoothly or come easily. In fact, I nearly lost this post as soon as I finished writing it. So much stress, for so little result. I’m hoping I can just shake it all off over the weekend, or maybe I should beware the ides of March? Either way, I’m so grateful that I have these awesome little dudes to brighten up my day. Also an awesome husband and my mom here helping me get through this time of transition. I know I’m in for many more hiccups, but I have a great family and just thinking about them like this makes me feel a little lighter.

James Franco is just too silly sometimes.

How gorgeous are these floral prints by Ashley Bailey?

While I don’t miss smoking, I do miss smoke break sometimes. (Now, I call them get up and walk purposefully but aimlessly around the building)

This meme sums up yesterday perfectly.

Who doesn’t love an Alton Brown food hack?

I finally picked up this cookbook. I don’t know why I slept on it so long. I love breakfast and it is A-MAZ-ING.

Have a wonderful and stress free weekend.

xo, s.

Friday Favorites and Lending a Hand for Bruce

You guys, it’s almost daylight savings time! Already? Yes, Sunday, in fact. I thought having one kid made the time go faster, but having two just makes time a complete blur. We’ve been busy the past couple weeks, traveling, visiting family, having family visit us. March and April look just as hectic. Phew! I look forward to May when we might be able to relax just a little.

Anyway, my friend Justin and his beautiful pup Bruce are in need of your help. Bruce is an adorable pit bull who needs double ACL surgery, which is very expensive. To help defer the cost, Justin has set up a fundraiser on Indiegogo, and is off to a great start. Any help you could give would be so greatly appreciated. In the ten years that I have known him, Justin has always proved to be a loyal friend with a kind heart, and I hope that he’ll be able to help his little buddy, but he needs your help! I know there are plenty of pet and pit bull lovers out there who can contribute. If you act quickly you can claim one of the specially made t-shirts for the cause. Or just donate a couple dollars. Everything helps. For more information you can visit and like the Facebook page. Thank you.

I really enjoyed Sarai’s post about her new swimsuit and dealing with body issues. I can totally relate. I also wish I was going somewhere where I needed a bathing suit.

Similarly, Tasha’s thoughts on accepting when styles don’t always work for us is great. There’s tons of styles I think look great on other ladies, but I know would never work for me, and that’s OK.

Who didn’t love Lupita Nyong’o’s thoughts about beauty and coming to accept her dark skin?

Craft beer is near and dear to our hearts around here. Here are 5 issues craft beer drinkers should be thinking about.

This post about switching over to natural skin care was really interesting, informative, and most of all, honest.

Jen’s thoughts on participating in Lent are great. I think a season of fasting is a healthy exercise no matter what your faith or beliefs. I’ve given up dessert in hopes I can finally bust through my current sugar addiction.

Have a great weekend.

xo, S.


Friday Favorites

Happy Valentine’s Day! DB and I aren’t huge on this made up holiday, but we do like any excuse to eat steak and celebrate being awesome together. Today is as good a day as any to do so. Plus, we’ve got all these little ones hanging around demanding cuddles (and cookies). I won’t get too much on you. I just love my little family, and feel so lucky and blessed to have them. I hope you’ll take some time today and all the days to appreciate your loved ones and tell them so.

I really enjoyed Jen’s post about marriage. So so true.

Just like the pre-fall runways, many of the NYFW fall runways featured forest green, which I totally love. This look from Christian Siriano was one of my favorites.

I also loved all the colors used on the Delpozo runway.

This outfit is awesome, especially the DIY dinosaur necklace. It’s on my to-make list for sure.

I love using buckwheat in baked goods, and these buckwheat chocolate chip cookies are totally calling my name right now.

Kinsey’s gorgeous photos of Northern California have made me seriously homesick for the west coast.

I would make this leather pendant lamp in a heartbeat, if only I had a place to hang out.

Friday Favorites

IMG_5114Don’t let this picture fool you, I took it when I was in Florida last week and it was cold there too! Fortunately, I think this cold snap is finally breaking (at least for a day or two). I don’t think my skin could get any more dry without shattering into a million pieces, and I won’t even get into the scaliness that has taken over all the delicate baby skin around here. Plus, being housebound pretty much all week has really taken it’s toll on all of us. So we’re really looking forward to a weekend with friends where we can get out a bit, and then gorge ourselves on unhealthy snacks Sunday evening. Hope your weekend is warm and delicious.

Love this little bit of vandalism that reminds us nobody’s perfect.

Local Kitchen did a great series this week on leftovers. I want to try every iteration.

A great post by Joy the Baker on sharing her trip to Uganda with us.

We’ll pretend this is healthy because there’s kale in it.

The cookbook of George II looks like something out of Game of Thrones.

I hate when this happens. Unless, I’m the one making it happen. Ahhh, I miss my clothes.

xo, S.