Welcome to the Family

P1020979Throwing together a military wedding is tough work. Sure, a regular wedding is tough work too, but military weddings are always planned under an umbrella of uncertainty. In a world that is constantly changing, we always have to be ready to go at a moments notice. I know because I had about 2 weeks to cobble mine together in a short break when DB was between missions. My good friends Lizzie and Tom held a similar affair not too long ago, but also took the time to plan a bigger wedding in Salem, MA. Fortunately, no one was called away unexpectedly and DB and I were able to use the weekend as a mini-vacation (baby moon maybe?). I was hoping for some epic fall foliage on the way up since it’s something we missed living in the PNW, but it seems we were about a week or so early. Still it was nice to have a long drive where DB and I could listen to some classic rock and not have to frantically dive into the backseat to rescue discarded cups or toys or blankets. It’s so rare that we get to be adults without also being parents.

On Friday night we enjoyed dinner and cupcakes at the Old Town Hall, which we totally geeked out over since there was quite a bit of Naval history, and who doesn’t love hanging out at a museum after hours. It was also really great to catch up with friends who I’d not seen in ages and introduce them to DB.

P1020960 P1020970

Saturday we got all dressed up and had a lunch date. I’ve been to Salem before, and I remember it being busy, but it was downright crowded this day. Even though he was wearing his dress blues, DB blended in seamlessly with all the early Halloween revelers. Admittedly, I was a little jealous. I wanted to wear my blues as well, but couldn’t hunt down the maternity version in time. Which brings up another issue…finding a wedding-worthy maternity dress is tough. I’m so glad that ASOS has a great (and affordable collection). I went with this one, and it was perfect. Comfortable enough to wear all day, but classy for an event (oh and $40? yes!)P1020981 P1020993


Of course, this isn’t about me, the bride was lovely, and the flower girls were the sweetest little things. It’s funny how life takes its twists and turns. Right before I was getting ready to have the Bear, I heard via Facebook that Tom who I’d not seen in quite a while was joining the Navy, and not only was he joining the Navy but entering the same rate as DB and I. We chatted about it over the weekend. How wild it was that a couple of hardcore kids from Philly, in or near their 30s decided that it was time for something different, something more and we joined the Navy and now we live far from home and are starting our families. Also, how awesome is Lizzie for taking on this life as well? Military marriages are a team effort, without that bond they fall to pieces. I’m pretty stoked to welcome such a strong and wonderful couple to the Navy family, and I’m glad to have some old friends on board to turn to for support and give support in turn.

P1020997 P1030026 P1030032

After a delicious meal of steak AND crab cake, we danced the night away and then headed back south the next morning through rain and slightly changing leaves feeling tired, but also revived from our little vacation away.