Friday Favorites

IMG_5821We got a little taste of summer yesterday, and as you can see, the Bear totally loved it. My mom stopped by for a visit bearing gifts of baby formula and this Little Tykes water table (made in the USA!), which Bear calls “waterfall” and wants to play with it regardless of the weather. He’s totally a water baby, just like his Mama. We’ve got some adventures lined up soon, but in the meantime, this little table has been great for getting our dude outside and running around. Also, the Cub is totally fascinated by it.

Here’s a great article on A Beautiful Mess about prime lenses and focal lengths for you budding DSLR photographers.

Oh no! Turns out I’ve been doing planks wrong this whole time.

Amy cleaned out her closet, and you totally can too!

Love, love, love, that Kaela over at Local Kitchen is injecting some science and good ol’ fashioned logic into the great sugar war.

I also love the inside of couture dresses. Here’s a pic of Dita Von Teese’s Zac Posen gown from the Met Gala.

So glad to see Wendy Mullin is still making awesome clothes.

Have you visited Mother yet? It’s a new project from James of Bleubird and journalist Katie Hintz-Zambrano for stylish moms like me (and you!)

Have a fantastic weekend!

xo, S.



Since the end of February when DB had to go on an exercise for a few weeks, things have been a complete and utter whirlwind. It’s been a constant slog of both of us working, a revolving door of parents coming in to help, working out, and doing our best to spend as much time hanging out with the kids at the cost of leaving the house in a pretty messy state. I hear this is normal for parents of young children, but that doesn’t always make me feel better about the piles of laundry in our bathroom and all the bread and cereal crumbs around the house. What I really miss right now is having time for creative pursuits. My sewing machine is buried under stuff. A sweater I started in January hasn’t been touched in 6 weeks. I did manage to eco out about 15 minutes to play guitar on Sunday, and I really enjoyed that. Luckily, we’re headed towards a break from all this in the next couple weeks. Time to get some serious spring cleaning done, but more importantly, get outside and enjoy these warmer but not oppressively hot days.

These photos were all taken with my iPhone and most had a little help from VSCOcam (favorite app!)

Bro time #vscocam








Sunday morning Bear #latergram #vscocam

New kicks #madewell #datenight #vscocam

bro time // i cobbled this outfit together to go to a work fundraiser // do you like my hat?// a window in Georgetown // sweet face for mom mom // along the Potomac // dress blues day at work // dimples! // sunday morning // we went on a date. i wore new shoes // a rare moment of calm

Four Simple Goals and Friday Favorites

knit hat and homemade ax :: plaid skirtSo the Bear totally was not into getting dressed up for Halloween. I made him this little ax and was measuring out some brown felt to make a lumberjack beard when he made it very clear that he would have none of it. Even when a little friend popped by all decked out in pirate gear he remained adamant that he wanted to stay inside, play with cars, and eat the candy we had here. So no adorable pictures for this round. I’m sure he’ll be more stoked about it next year.

Anyway, the gals over at A Beautiful Mess published Four Simple Goals earlier this week, which is a concept that I really like. As the year winds down but the stress of the holidays ramps up, I think it’s a great idea to take a moment and identify some things to work towards and stay focused on so you don’t get washed away in the sea of cookies, pies, and wrapping paper. So as 2013 winds down here are the things I’ll be working on:

1) Do something that scares me: I find that I spend a lot of time talking myself out of doing projects and professional development because I don’t want to take the risk. Let’s try to get away from that.

2) Work on building my upper body strength: I’m disappointed with how my arms look. I have the power to change this.

3) Seek out volunteer opportunities: Something I had started to do when we moved here and then pushed aside.

4) Stay focused on our budget and long-term plans: In other words, don’t buy useless shit at Target just because it’s cute.

I’ll be sure to do a post at the end of the year to recap on the progress that I’ve made with these.

Now, onto some links:

I made these doughnuts as a special treat today and they were heavenly.

Check out these famous B&W photos rendered in color.

I know airbrushing is a thing that all the major glossies do, but this video is still really unsettling.

I was pretty surprised to find out some of the organic brands in my pantry aren’t as honest as I thought they were. (PS. We voted YES on I-522)

The folks over at the Coletterie did this great piece on slow fashion, and turned me on to some new American made brands.

Speaking of slow fashion, Bleubird featured Frank Clegg recently, and I am already dreaming of a new wallet and bag from his collection.

Have a great weekend.

xo, S.